Michele Bachmann blames ISIS for fatal shootings of NYPD officers
Michelle Bachmann (WND)

Former lawmaker Michele Bachmann credits Islamic State militants for inspiring the fatal shootings of two New York City police officers in December.

The former congresswoman told Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg during an interview Tuesday that Americans should be terrified by a video threat made against a shopping mall near her home, reported Mediaite.

“We should be very concerned, because this wasn’t just a joke or PR stunt, this was an actual call for those who are adherents of radical Islam to actually take violent action here in the United States – in particular, at the iconic Mall of America, the largest mall, at least when it was built, in the United States,” Bachmann said.

She then repeated her ongoing concern that Somali immigrants would target the mall.

“We have the largest population of Somalis outside of Somalia right here next to the Mall of America, in the Minneapolis area,” said Bachmann, who has issued similar warnings in the past.

Bachmann blasted the response by the Department of Homeland Security, which dismissed the threat as not credible.

“The video from Al-Shabab, which is an al-Qaeda affiliate alone, that’s the credible threat, because that message is being sent to sympathizers to light a match and take action and actually have something happen at Mall of America,” she said.

She told Newsmax that Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who is accused of gunning down two NYPD officers late last year, was inspired by Islamic extremists.

“Don’t forget, last fall, there was a call from terrorists for those who couldn’t come to the Islamic State in Syria to join the jihad to take jihadist actions locally, and that’s when we saw that attack in Canada, at the Parliament, and also against government figures – and we also saw two police officers innocently killed in Brooklyn,” Bachmann said. “That was in direct response to a call to take action.”

Brinsley posted anti-government and anti-police messages on his social media accounts, and many speculated the fatal shootings were retaliation for the police killings of black men such as Michael Brown and Eric Garner, but law enforcement have not found evidence to link the case to ISIS.

That made no difference to Bachmann, who drew a direct link to foreign Islamists -- and possibly even President Barack Obama.

“This is how it works, this is how they act,” Bachmann claimed. “They make their call, and then we wait around, and what this shows again is the absolutely clueless response of the White House.”

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