New Jersey man dodges traffic tickets by posing as fake twin -- busted after claiming to be blind
Police officer puts handcuffs on a suspect (Shutterstock)

A New Jersey man who repeatedly convinced court officials that it was his fictitious twin brother, and not him, that they sought was finally arrested after he upped the ante by claiming to be blind, The Bergen Record reports.

Olawale Agoro was issued five motor vehicle summons last July, but when he showed up in court, he pretended to be "Tony," Olawale's fictitious -- and legally blind -- twin brother, and begged the court to postpone his brother's court date.

The officer who issued him the summonses, Maywood's Matthew Parodi, was in the courtroom, and recognized "Tony" as the man he had stopped. He also noticed that despite claiming to be legally blind, "Tony" had no problem navigating the courtroom, as he interacted with court officials with no apparent difficulty.

After "Tony" successfully won his brother a postponement, Officer Parodi followed him into the parking lot, where -- according to Maywood Police Chief David Pegg -- he witnessed someone picking up "Tony" in the same car that he had stopped Olawale in. After the pair drove around the corner, the driver exited the vehicle and the legally blind "Tony" started to drive himself home.

Officer Parodi then pulled over Olawale again, issued him three more vehicle citations, and had his car impounded. In order to retrieve his vehicle, "Tony" had to confess that he was not, in fact, blind.

However, when he returned to Rochelle Park Municipal Court to have those citations adjudicated, he again claimed to be "Tony," saying that he was appearing on behalf of his brother who was in Nigeria mourning their father's death. He convinced court clerks to grant him two adjournments, but he missed his third court date, at which time a warrant was issued for his arrest.

A fingerprint scan positively identified "Tony" to be Olawale, and he was taken to Bergen County Jail without the possibility of bail.

"This is just another example of the extremes people will go to escape justice," Rochelle Park Police Chief Robert Flannelly told the Record.