Religious broadcaster says Scott Walker was right: ‘Real experts’ have ‘disproven’ evolution
Sandy Rios (Fox News)

A religious right broadcaster defended Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who declined to say whether evolution was real when questioned by a British reporter during an overseas trip.

Radio host Sandy Rios, who also serves as governmental affairs director of the American Family Association, said during a broadcast that the likely Republican presidential candidate should not be mocked for “punting” on the question, reported Right Wing Watch.

“In the sense that Darwin taught about species morphing into other species, evolving into other types of species, that has not happened,” Rios said. “There is no scientific evidence.

She claimed the “real experts” would show that the foundational principal of biology had been disproven and was based on faulty evidence.

“Evolution has become the religion of the elite,” Rios said. “It’s a religion to the [level of] fanaticism of what they would say was the people at the Scopes monkey trial, the Christians waving their Bibles who were not really thinking through the facts, they were just outraged because it was against God’s law.”

She said Walker critics such as conservative columnist George Will had become “rabid and unreasoned.”

“Science has disproven so much of evolution,” she said. “These guys are wrong about that, Scott Walker is right.”