Super 8 hotel boots homeless couple from pre-paid room on Valentine's Day over no IDs

A Super 8 hotel in Ohio has come under fire after they reportedly kicked out a homeless couple whose room had already been paid for by Good Samaritans.

George Gruss told The Columbus Dispatch that he was driving through Columbus on Valentine's Day when his wife, Joyce, noticed a homeless woman crying at a Wendy's.

The woman explained to the Grusses that she and her partner were homeless, and that they had missed the curfew at a local homeless shelter.

"We took them to the nearest Super 8," George Gruss wrote on Facebook. "The couple was appreciative. We left them thinking they were safe for the night and several additional days."

But the Grusses received a call from the hotel about an hour later telling them that the couple was being forced back onto the street because they could not produce proper ID.

George Gruss said that he and his wife had pre-paid for all three nights on their credit card so he did not anticipate any problems with the room.

"Despite our insistence to let them stay, they evicted them, and oh, by the way, no refunds for your three days in advance payment, sorry," he added.

"How Christian does this sound to you?" George Gruss wondered in his Facebook post. "I don't think we will be staying at Super 8 anytime soon."

A petition with over 15,000 signatures was launched to ask the CEO of the Wyndham Hotel Group, which owns Super 8, if "enforcing a changeable hotel policy is more important than saving human life, and the 'No Refunds' rule is more important than honoring compassion and generosity."

"Tell Wyndham CEO Geoff Ballotti: If you want our travel dollars, then change the way you treat homeless people! Give this couple two free weeks and reform your policies!"

(h/t: The Frisky)