Two-week suspension and lost vacation the only punishment for racist emails sent by NY police chief
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The racist emails sent by a police chief that may have played a part in the attempted suicide of a Pelham Manor officer were released today, The Journal News reports.

In the emails, Pelham Manor Police Chief Alfred Mosiello mocked African-Americans, African-American women, and Hispanics -- but not harshly enough for the city to consider firing him from his $187,000-per-year job.

For sending emails in which he said that black women have children to collect welfare checks and Latinos are lucky because they're allowed to keep off-the-book income, he was suspended for two weeks and stripped of 25 vacation days.

The city said it decided not to fire him because he "apologized for his poor judgment."

Damon Jones, the president of Blacks in Law Enforcement of America in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam, said that the emails are evidence that "these police departments are basically run by people who have biased views of African Americans and people of color."

"The politicians are afraid to admit there's racism in their police departments," he added. If they're not going to fire him then he should be demoted. He should not be in a position where he is in charge of policies and procedures."

The city first became aware of Mosiello's emails when now-retired officer Mark Lenci and Officer Kenneth Campion complained about possible ticket-fixing by the police chief.

Lenci was forced into retirement last year after the department sought to file disciplinary charges against him for an unrelated incident involving an African-American man.

Campion was shot last month by a Yonkers officer while contemplating suicide on a Pelham Manor baseball diamond.