WATCH: Man clings to bumper after being run down by car in Arizona parking lot
Screen shot (12 News)

An altercation at Zia Record Exchange in Phoenix, Arizona led to a hit-and-run incident that was captured on cellphone video by witnesses, 12 News reports.

As the video begins, an African-American man can be seen approaching the rear of a white Pontiac sedan, the driver of which throws the car into reverse and hits the man.

Bystanders can be heard screaming as the car continues to accelerate in reverse over a median, almost pinching the man between it and another vehicle. The driver then shifts gears and begins to drive out of the parking lot -- with the man still clinging to its bumper.

He is still doing so as the car speeds away and the video ends.

Phoenix police said that the man on the bumper had been involved in an altercation with the car's occupants moments before the hit-and-run occurred. They also say that he had broken the car's windshield before being run down.

Investigators who responded to the incident said that no one involved wanted to press charges, but they are reviewing the case nevertheless.