WATCH: Okla. Republican uses Sean Hannity's dopey argument to attack Obama over weed
Representative Markwayne Mullin (Screen capture)

At a town hall meeting last night, Oklahoma Second District Congressman Markwayne Mullin slammed President Barack Obama for suggesting that recreational marijuana use is no more dangerous than social drinking, the Tulsa World's Randy Krehbiel reports.

Rep. Mullin was responding to a question about Obama's position on marijuana, and he did so in a way that very closely resembled the argument favored by Fox News' Sean Hannity -- "I can drink a beer or two and I don’t really feel anything," Hannity is fond saying, but "you can’t smoke a joint and not feel something."

When asked about the president's position, Rep. Mullin replied that "you can be a social drinker and not get drunk," but "there’s no way you can take a drag on a joint without feeling it."

"You can not -- and I can't speak to this, because I'm one of these guys who's never tasted a drug in his life -- but there is no way you can take a drag off a joint and not feel a little different. It alters your way of thinking."

Rep. Mullin continued by saying that "those who smoke marijuana do so to get high, that's the only purpose. There's no other reason."

"What about pain?" asked one town hall attendee.

"Pain?" a visibly annoyed Mullin replied. "Pain? I have screws and plates in me from [my head] to my toes, so I know about pain. The pain doesn’t go away, you just mask it (with drugs). The pain is still there. You have to learn to deal with it. Then you can move on with your life."

"The only thing that [pain] does is give you an excuse [as to] why you can't do something, of why you can't accomplish something -- 'because I hurt.'"

Watch Mullin's statement in its entirety via the Tulsa World below.