West Virginia woman accused of randomly killing pastor says she was following 'God's plan'
Angel in heaven (Shutterstock)

A West Virginia woman is currently in custody after allegedly bludgeoning  a pastor to death  in his home, according to the Coriscana Daily Sun.

Camille Brown, 19, was taken into custody by police after breaking into a residence near the home of Ronald Browning, the 68-year-old pastor of Cool Ridge Community Church. According to authorities, Brown was covered in blood, urine, and feces, with officers stating that she "appeared to be paranoid."

According to the Beckley Register-Herald,  Brown confessed to killing the pastor earlier in the evening in his home, admitting she didn't know him and saying, "I was just following God’s plan."

Police reports state that Browning's body was found in a pool of blood, with cause of death attributed to blunt force trauma to the neck and head.

Beckley Police Detective Morgan Bragg said evidence was found on Brown showing had been inside Browning’s home Saturday before the homicide, adding that   the attack on Browning appeared to be "random."

Bragg called the case "disturbing, because we don’t have a motive."

Brown, who has been charged with first-degree murder in Browning’s death, is currently undergoing psychiatric observation before prosecutors decide whether to present her case to a grand jury.