‘All in good fun’: Kentucky man claims ‘no ill will’ in duct-taping ex-wife and drawing penises on her
Zachary Shelton

A Kentucky man was charged with kidnapping after police said he duct-taped his ex-wife and told their son to draw on her back.

Zachary Shelton, of Georgetown, used tape to bind her hands and feet together Sunday evening while she was visiting the couple’s son, reported the News-Graphic.

She told police that her ex-husband drew pictures of male genitals on her face and forearm while she was bound and told their son to draw a tattoo on her back.

The woman said the 29-year-old Shelton slapped her belly and dragged her across the floor, which caused rug burns, and pulled her underwear until it ripped, police said.

Officers said Shelton or the boy photographed the incident.

Shelton admitted to helping his son duct-tape his ex-wife, but he claims "it was all in good fun and there was no ill intent to his actions," according to the police report.

In addition to kidnapping, Shelton was charged with domestic violence, unlawful transaction with a minor, and harassment with physical contact.

He was released from jail on $20,000 bond.