Chicago man scolds women for promiscuity after raping them at gunpoint: police
Man pointing gun (Shutterstock)

A 23-year-old Chicago man is accused by Cook County prosecutors of raping two women, then robbing them and a friend, but not before lecturing them about their lifestyle and "prostituting" themselves online.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported Friday that Jonathan Ferguson threatened to shoot a trio of women and boasted to them that he had murdered people earlier that week.

The purported attack took place over New Year's weekend, when the unnamed woman and two friends traveled to Chicago from Milwaukee. One of the women placed an online ad offering sex for money.

Assistant State’s Attorney Akash Vyas told the Sun-Times that Ferguson contacted her and asked her to meet at an address in the 2100 block of East 87th Place.

The 22-year-old woman's friends -- aged 23 and 30 -- accompanied her to the location, handing her a condom and agreeing to wait in the car.

Inside, the woman told police, Ferguson raped her at gunpoint, then told her to call her friends inside.

Once all three women were inside, Ferguson reportedly dumped out their purses on the floor and took anything of value he could find, including their cell phones. He ordered them to remove their clothes and threatened to shoot them if they did not comply.

Ferguson then ordered the woman he had raped and her 30-year-old friend into a closet, while he raped the 23-year-old with a gun to her head.

When he'd finished, he reportedly ordered the other two women to come out, then proceeded to lecture them about their lifestyle choices, scolding them for being promiscuous and bragging that he'd killed people in the week leading up to the rape and robbery incident.

He then took off with the women's phones and valuables.

The three women hurriedly dressed and returned to their vehicle, where they called the police from a phone they had left behind in the car.

Ferguson was arrested this week and identified by two of the victims. He was charged with armed robbery and aggravated criminal assault with a weapon. Under the orders of Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil, he is being held on $250,000 bail.