Creationist says don't worry about an 'asteroid apocalypse' on Earth because God already has a plan
Discovery Channel video simulation of asteroid hitting Pacific Ocean (Photo: Screen capture)

Writing on the Answers In Genesis blog, creationist Ken Ham attempted to allay the fears of his readers that a giant asteroid might one day strike Earth and destroy all life, by saying they should rest assured that God already has a plan in place.

While NASA's Near Earth Object Program has noted an increase in celestial objects whizzing past Earth, at this time they are not tracking any problematic asteroids headed this way.  The space agency recently released a map illustrating the frequency with which the planet is peppered with smaller, less lethal asteroids, described as "bolide events."

Ham, who is the founder of a Noah's Ark theme park in Williamstown, Kentucky, noted that concerns about an " asteroid apocalypse" is rooted in a belief that events that have happened in the past may happen again. Ham laid part of the blame upon "evolutionists" who fail to recognize a "guiding hand" overseeing the universe.

"According to their worldview, evolutionists contend there isn’t anyone upholding or sustaining the universe. We are simply at the mercy of naturalistic processes, " Ham wrote. "Also, according to one evolutionary idea about the supposed dinosaur extinction event, a massive asteroid impact wiped out the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago."

Ham, who linked to a Discovery Channel simulation of an asteroid hitting Earth, then posed the rhetorical question: "If such an event happened once before, what’s to stop it from happening again and wiping out humanity this time?"

According to the creationist, the Bible provides a road-map to the future of mankind, and that God already has a plan.

"According to God’s Word, the universe is not here as the result of naturalistic processes. God created the universe and has imposed order on it," he explained. "The universe is not strictly governed by unfeeling natural laws. God upholds and sustains the universe that He has made (Hebrews 1:3). And we don’t need to worry that an asteroid will obliterate life."

After reminding readers that Jesus will once again return to Earth, Ham pointed out that those who have accepted Christ have very little to worry about.

"Those of us who have trusted in Christ as Savior have no fear of this coming judgment because our penalty for sin has already been paid by Jesus. But instead of fearing some hypothetical asteroid apocalypse, those who refuse to acknowledge Christ as Lord should fear this coming judgment, and it should bring them to repent and put their faith in Christ."

Watch the Discovery Channel's simulation of an asteroid hitting Earth, uploaded to YouTube, below: