Florida teacher suspended for calling 14-year-old Muslim student a 'rag-head Taliban'

A Broward French teacher was suspended without pay for five days for repeatedly referring to a 14-year-old Muslim student as a "rag-head Taliban," the Sun Sentinel's Karen Yi reports.

According to Youssef Wardani, on February 2, 2015 his son DH walked into Maria Valdes' French class wearing a hoodie. In front of the entire class, Valdes said, "Here comes the rag-head Taliban." In the complaint filed against her with the school, Valdes is alleged to have also said, "OK Taliban, what is the answer?" and "Let's ask the Taliban."

On multiple occasions, she also referred to the ninth grader as "terrorista."

In addition to her suspension, Valdes is being required to take classes on diversity. But Wardani and others in the Muslim community don't believe that's enough, and called the leniency of the school board's decision "disgusting."

"I'll keep sitting in their face until they recognize what they've done," Wardani told the Sun Sentinel. "They have failed every teacher, parent, and child in this district."

During one of a series of heated exchanges at a school board meeting, Wardani informed the board that he was working with the Council of American-Islamic Relations to take legal action against it.

Watch a report on her suspension via CBS Miami below.