Gay lawmaker shames Idaho GOPers: Bill to impeach pro-equality judges is 'personal' and 'hurts me'
Gay couple exchanging rings at their wedding ceremony ()

The Idaho House debated a resolution calling for the impeachment of federal judges who are "forcing" states to legalize same-sex marriage, the Times-News' Nathan Brown reports.

The bill's sponsor, Representative Paul Shepherd (R), told the House that "you can’t say an immoral behavior according to God’s word, what we’ve all been taught since the beginning, is something that’s just, and that’s really kinda what this is all about. We’d better uphold Christian morals."

"The thing that bothers me is that a small group of judges are ignoring the will of the people from several states," Representative Ken Andrus (R) said.

"The men that wrote the 14th Amendment would be turning over in their graves if they could see it was being interpreted in such a way as to force states to accept same-sex marriage," Representative Linden Batemen (R) added.

As the resolution was being debated, Representative Pete Nielsen (R) shouted, "two people who procreate!" He was prevented from continuing by House Speaker Scott Bedke (R), who chastised him by saying, "we don't need a biology lesson."

Representative John McCrostie (D), the state's only openly gay lawmaker, told his colleagues that "of all the bills that I’ve voted on in the last weeks, HJM 4 causes me the most hurt."

"This bill is personal, and it hurts me," he continued. "This bill implies that my marriage isn’t worth as much as someone else’s. Is my marriage so despicable that a federal judge should be impeached?"

He added that because the resolution could not be expected to lead to any federal judges actually being impeached, all it amounted to was a cynical attempt by conservative lawmakers to have something to say on the campaign trail.

Representative Mat Erpelding (D) agreed, saying that all the resolution does it put Idaho "in the Web, this puts us in the news, as a state that is intolerant and does not understand the important separation of powers."