'Gay nerd' takes over anti-LGBT lawmaker's website — and is taking suggestions for improvements
Idaho state Rep. Paul Shepherd (Idaho Legislature)

An anti-LGBT Idaho lawmaker’s campaign website will be undergoing extensive renovations after he neglected to renew the domain name and a self-described “gay nerd” bought it.

State Rep. Paul Shepherd (R-Riggins) called on the U.S. Congress last month to impeach federal judges who struck down Idaho’s ban on same-sex marriage.

A Reddit user who goes by the name TibitXimer noticed Shepherd’s campaign website domain was available, so he bought it and is soliciting suggestions for what to post there.

“First of all, things need to be very, very rainbow,” said a user called thehegelian. “Maybe you can turn it into a site where gay couples can submit photos of their weddings? Heh heh heh.”

Many users offered suggestions for avoiding legal trouble.

“Perhaps we can find a gay Paul Shepherd somewhere in the USA, and the site can be 'for him,’” said Reddit user PhillWithTwoLs. “That'd make it a valid use of the url.”

TibitXimer plans to post links to LGBT rights organizations and anti-hate groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center.

He also plans to promote the activist group Add the Words, Idaho, which is pushing lawmakers to include gay and transgender people to the state’s existing non-discrimination laws.

“The goal will be to use this site to educate on the issue and promote local organizations,” TibitXimer said. “I am working on a main site that will show all the politicians views on the issue.”

Shepherd faces little opposition in his conservative House district, but TibitXimer said he would use the lawmaker’s former campaign site to promote any opponents he might face.

He said he plans to buy domains for other anti-LGBT elected officials and candidates, although most of the likely presidential candidates are already scratched off his list.

“I wish I could get the presidential candidates, (but) I checked them all out, (and) it won't happen,” TibitXimer said. “They have much better staff and control over their online presence.”