Georgia sanitation worker won't spend any more weekends in jail for picking up trash too early
Kevin McGill (WSB)

A Georgia city has suspended the jail sentence of a sanitation worker who violated a city ordinance by picking up trash too early.

Kevin McGill was sentenced to 30 days in jail after he began picking up garbage at 5 a.m. – in violation of an ordinance that limits trash collection to the hours between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

The city solicitor in Sandy Springs, a suburb of Atlanta, said sanitation workers would not stop coming to neighborhoods before their designated start time, waking up and bothering residents.

He tried fining the companies they work for, but he said the early collections continued, so city officials decided to jail them if they violated the ordinance.

“The solicitor said it's automatic jail time,” McGill said. “He didn't want to hear nothing I had to say. I said, 'It's my first time.'”

McGill agreed to a plea deal that included the 30-day jail sentence, which the court said could be served on weekends.

The sanitation worker has already spent two weekends behind bars.

The city agreed to suspend the remainder of McGill’s sentence after his story gained national attention.

"There are times when taking a step back provides the opportunity for better perspective,” city officials said in a statement. “In retrospect, the actions of the court with regards to Mr. McGill’s sentence for violating the city’s noise laws, was disproportionate to a first-time offense. As such, the court has amended its sentence to time served and further probation suspended.”

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