GRAPHIC FOOTAGE: LAPD officer shoots homeless man after responding to report of altercation
Police standing over fallen man (Screencapture)

In extremely graphic footage uploaded to Facebook on Sunday, an LAPD police officer fired his weapon five times, killing a man who was reportedly homeless.

According to the LA Times, officers were responding to a report of an altercation at a homeless encampment on a downtown street this morning.

In the video, originally uploaded by a man named Anthony Blackburn, officers can be seen wrestling with a group of homeless people, with two officers dropping their batons while tackling a woman. After one one woman picks up an officer's dropped baton -- with the officer shouting "You have my baton" -- another officer can be heard yelling repeatedly, "He's going for my gun!"

Five shots follow, with the man filming the incident repeatedly cursing before saying, "They just killed that man! Just shot that motherf*cking man like that."

According to the Times, the fallen man seen on the ground with officers standing over him was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Before watching the video below, be forewarned that it is extremely graphic and contains very loud profanity.

Video uploaded to YouTube by stimulator: