Hannity guest Gavin McInnes: Feminism’s ‘stupid lie’ makes ‘women more vulnerable’ on spring break
Gavin McInnes (Fox News)

Sean Hannity returned to one of his favorite topics – lamenting decadent spring break vacationers while rolling video footage of scantily clad college students and teens cavorting on beaches.

Fox and Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt appeared Tuesday night on her Fox News colleague’s program to report her findings from a recent trip to Panama City, Florida, where she urged women to remain clothed, reported Mediaite.

“Those poor girls, I kept telling them, ‘Don’t flash, don’t flash -- you’re going to be 40 years old one day,’” Earhardt said, as B-roll footage zoomed in on the chests of young women wearing bikinis.

Earhardt said police found video online of a woman who was sexually assaulted while passed out on the beach, and she told viewers that this evidence and other explicit content could be found using the Twitter hashtag #SpringBreak2015.

“We have the video, we just can’t show it – and wouldn’t show it,” Hannity said.

Another guest, Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes, blamed liberal attitudes for sex assaults against spring break revelers.

“This is a perfect example of liberals’ cognitive dissonance, where they say, ‘Everything’s cool – hey, it’s spring break, people party, women are the same as men,’ and when you have that stupid lie in your mind, you end up making women more vulnerable,” McInnes said.

“These women are not as strong as men, and when you let them go down there, you’re a terrible parent,” he continued. “If you let your son go down there, you’re a fairly bad parent. Sons are different than daughters, and modern spring break in 2015 isn’t even in the same universe as 10 years ago.”

Another guest, Chloe Melas of Hollywoodlife.com, said she saw similar debauchery when she went on spring break in Mexico about seven or eight years ago, but she said social media and camera phones created a different dynamic.

“Forget social media, this is the post-pharmaceutical age,” McInnes bellowed. “These kids are on Adderall, which is literally amphetamines, exact same thing, these kids are on Oxycontin, which is the exact same thing as heroin. This is a totally different drug day. Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, it was a spliff. Now these kids are coming in there very familiar with speed, heroin, and MDMA.”

He didn’t deny holding women to a double standard for drunken activity.

“We’re different – sorry, equality is a myth,” McInnes said. “Women aren’t as strong as men, they can’t even hold their booze as well as men. Of course, it’s true – don’t be ridiculous.”

The two women guests disagreed vehemently with his remarks on women and alcohol.

“What’s worse?” McInnes said. “One is much more scary than the other. You’re making women less safe when you say that women -- that attitude makes women less safe. You say, ‘Boys will be boys and girls will be girls, they’re all the same’ – no, women are more vulnerable."

Earhardt said some young men engage in worse behavior than young women.

“Boys are lustful, and boys will do things that they shouldn’t be doing that they get away with because they don’t get a reputation like a woman, and that’s not fair,” she said.

“Right, so drill that into your daughter and say, ‘You’re weak, you’re vulnerable, you’re not a superhero -- you’re in danger,’ McInnes shouted.

“Why don’t we drill it into our sons not to take advantage of women?” Earhart said.

“We do -- they go to jail for 15 years for these crimes,” McInnes said.

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