Kristallchalkt: Tennessee lawmaker calls protesters who wrote in chalk in front of his office 'Nazis'
Screenshot of sidewalk chalking by 'Nazi' protesters

A Tennessee lawmaker who angered some of his constituents after voting against Medicaid expansion last month lashed out at protesters who left him messages written in chalk on the sidewalk in front of his office, comparing them to "Nazis"

According to the Times Free Press, protesters descended upon a building where Republican State Sen. Todd Gardenhire  maintains an office as a financial adviser with Morgan Stanley. Writing on the sidewalk and on the front of the building , protesters castigated Gardenhire for depriving low-income Tennesseans of health care assistance, calling him a "murderer,"  while illustrating the sidewalk with chalk outlines of bodies.

Gardenhire was furious, pointing out that the building is where he works and not his property.

"There's no place for this," Gardenhire said. "People can agree or disagree, and that's fine, but when you deface property -- that isn't even mine -- to exploit me, that's something different. They might as well be in Nazi Germany, using tactics like this."

Gardenhire was one of  six state senators who said "no" to Republican Gov. Bill Haslam's proposal to insure 280,000 low-income Tennesseans with federal dollars.

According to the Times,  Gardenhire is provided with state government-subsidized insurance through the Tennessee employees' insurance plan.

The state senator/financial adviser said the graffiti will not make him change his mind about his vote, saying he arrived at it based upon "reason and logic."

Watch the video below from the Times Free Press:

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