Larry Wilmore: You won't be seeing any more racist frat boys -- until they're your congressman
Larry Wilmore on the 'Nightly Show' (Screenshot)

On The Nightly Show last night, host Larry Wilmore discussed to expel two members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Wilmore began by showing the clip in which former Oklahoma student Parker Rice led his fraternity brothers in a chant of "the worst song ever -- sorry Baha Men, you're not longer number one." Once the video concluded, he imitated his critics by using a baby voice and saying, "Racism doesn't exist anymore, Larry. Why do you always have to focus on race on your show, Larry. Just stop."

"You first!" he replied sternly in his own voice. "I'll stop talking about race when people stop being racist."

Wilmore then offered a "quick note to people capturing racism on [their] phones," asking them to "please stop shooting vertical videos? Have you never heard of aspect ratio or wide-screen? I want to experience my hate in 16:9, not 2:5."

He quickly turned serious, however, praising the University of Oklahoma for the swiftness with which it expelled the students involved in the chant. "They also kicked the fraternity off campus," he added, "so don't worry, you won't be seeing any more of those frat boys -- until they're your congressmen."

"Welcome to America everybody," he continued, "that's how it works."

Watch the entire segment via Comedy Central below.