Pat Robertson brought an Onion headline to life when he wished for Ronald Reagan’s reaniminated corpse to lead the United States to glory.

The televangelist echoed the satirical newspaper headline, “Zombie Reagan raised from grave to lead GOP,” during Monday’s edition of “The 700 Club,” where he discussed a recent “Reagan Symposium” at Regent University – founded by Robertson.

“I wish Reagan would rise from the dead and come back,” Robertson said. "He was a great president."

Right Wing Watch reported that Robertson compared President Barack Obama very unfavorably against the 40th president, who died in 2004 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

“(Reagan) believed in America, he believed in foundational values, and he wasn’t ashamed to enunciate them,” Robertson said. “The current president does not believe in America, he does not believe in the fundamental values, he was raised in a different environment entirely, and his mentors have been leftists who don’t really love this country.”

Watch Robertson's remarks posted online by RWW Blog: