Robert Reich: Frats are elitist organizations that should be 'gotten rid of completely'
Robert Reich (The Nightly Show)

On last night's "potpourri" episode of The Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore and his panelists discussed a variety of issues -- including the spate of recent stories about destructive and racist actions perpetrated by fraternity and sorority members.

Wilmore began by saying, "we've heard in the news about SAE and the racist frat guy."

"That's kind of redundant," Nightly Show producer and comedian Rory Albenese interjected.

"Then there are the guys at Penn State with the naked pictures. And now Will Ferrell's come out and said we should get rid of frats altogether."

"Now," Wilmore said, turning to former United States labor secretary Robert Reich, "you're a big partying frat guy, Robert, what do you say?"

"I say fraternities are elitist and exclusive and there is no educational function. Get rid of them completely," he answered.

"Gone?" Wilmore replied.

"Let me just say that for the last 40 years," Reich said, "I have been in and around universities, and every year or two there is a scandal and there is an apology. And these privileged people come out and they do these press conferences and the say 'never, never again' -- then they do it again!"

"That's because every year," Wilmore said, "it's a new bunch of dicks!"

Albenese jumped in, saying "I don't think we should ban them. Banning stuff is just a bad practice. We have the KKK in America and we don't ban that. Those guys are bigger dicks!"

Comedian J.B. Smoove joined the conversation, saying that "I don't think we should ban them, just make them more diverse. That way, if they do something racist, the black guy can go, 'What the fuck you say?'"

Watch the entire March 26, 2015 episode of The Nightly Show below via Hulu.