SNL: Watch 'The Rock Obama' deal with Republican gadflies Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz
Screen shot (Saturday Night Live)

On last night's episode of Saturday Night Live, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson reprised his roll as "The Rock Obama," a parody of the Hulk who deals with Republicans in ways mild-mannered President Barack Obama would like to -- but never can.

The president is listening to House Majority Leader John Boehner (R), freshman Senator Tom Cotton (R), and GOP presidential long shot Ted Cruz.

"We need to show a united front," the president said in response to the recent actions of the three Republicans -- which included inviting the Israeli prime minister to speak before Congress, sending a letter to Iranian leaders, and being Ted Cruz.

"Not to be rude," Rep. Boehner began, "but the only reason I invited Prime Minister Netanyahu was because I wanted to meet a world leader whose people actually respected him."

As the president grew increasingly angry, Sen. Cruz chimed in that he's "impressed [Netanyahu] even came to visit -- considering how much you botched the situation in the Middle East."

When Sen. Cotton added, "I've been in Washington three months, and I think I understand foreign policy better than you," the president couldn't take it anymore and transformed into "The Rock Obama."

Watch how "The Rock Obama" dealt with the trio via Saturday Night Live on YouTube below.