Sorry, but you're a feminist
image via youtube

Katie Goodman, a musical comic, actress, comedian and "menace" is also... wait for it... a Feminist! And she has something to say, and sing, about all the powerful, successful, famous women who say they're not a feminist: "Sorry Babe, You're a Feminist."

Full disclosure:  I'm also a Feminist and I've performed with Goodman and we're friendsies. FemiFriendsies? I dunno. Anyway, I asked Goodman to share her thoughts on the song she wrote with Soren Kisiel (a fellow Feminist and Goodman's husband) and the reaction to the video, which is going viral:

I can't believe it's getting so much play. People are sooooo opinionated on this issue still. It's fascinating and shocking and it blows, frankly. But, that's why Soren & I wrote it.

In terms of the genesis of the video, Goodman explained at Huffington Post:

I literally shrieked "GAH!!!" out loud in a Brooklyn coffee shop.

I was reading the most recent interview with the actress du jour quoted saying, No, she wasn't a feminist. She was sitting there being interviewed, with no ironic intent whatsoever, wanting her voice to be heard and taken seriously during her interview, just so she could be heard to say she wasn't a feminist?!

Goodman told me that she thinks one of the reasons some straight women shy away from the label is out of fear of alienating men.

And I really wonder if it comes down to the simple idea of being afraid that people are going to associate you with something you are afraid is sexually unattractive. Like you're not gonna get a date because you called yourself a feminist. That's why the "man-hating" discussion comes up at all. One of the reasons that some women are afraid of the word is because men (and the culture) are demonizing it. Even these nice men on my YouTube channel who are basically feminists too. They don't even know they are hurting women with this. It's subtle but deadly.

To which I say, YAS! SO TRUE. But, ladies! What better way to weed out bad dudes than by seeing if he's scared by the radical notion of gender equality. And the irony is that nothing says "insecure about my masculinity" like a fear of Feminism. That's what we call a red flag, guys. #ProTip.

Here is the video.