'Stop playing the race card': Fox pundit flips out when kids use 'Black Lives Matter' for Black History Month
Fox News contributor Todd Starnes (screen grab)

Fox News radio host Todd Starnes complained this week that students at a Virginia elementary school were "playing the race card" because they had themed a Black History Month program around the "Black Lives Matter" slogan, which became popular after a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri shot and killed an unarmed teen.

Last week, the pro-law enforcement Facebook page Thin Blue Line posted a letter from a deputy sheriff in Orange County, Virginia who said that he was appalled after learning about a Black History Month event at his daughter's school.

"We had assumed the program would highlight all the great accomplishments of people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Or Rosa Parks," the anonymous deputy wrote. "Instead, as my wife, 5 year old son and daughter found out, it was very little about them."

He noted that the program included students telling the stories of black men -- like Michael Brown and Eric Garner-- who had been recently killed by police officers.

"The worst part about this entire event, was the conversation we had to have with our 8 year old girl well into the night about all of this, why they were saying this and why it was a lie," the deputy said. "Things we shouldn't have had to discuss in the detail we did."

After The Blaze published a video clip from the program, Fox's Todd Starnes weighed in.

"Public school propaganda," Starnes quipped. "Parents in Orange County got quite a surprise last month at the annual Black History Month celebration. It was supposed to be a school district-wide salute to black history. But it turned out to be an anti-police propaganda forum."

"Students wore T-shirts that said, 'I Can't Breath' and 'Black Lives Matter,'" he said adding that readings in the show included "The Exhausting Task Of Being Black In America" and "Does My Black Life Matter?"

"Well, I've got a special reading of my own," Starnes insisted. "How about these? 'The Exhausting Task Of Being Politically Correct in America,' Stop Playing the Race Card,' and 'If I Had Put My Hands Up, I Would Not Have Been Shot.'"

The Fox News pundit accused the school of producing an "anti-police event" and "propagating lies to advance an agenda."

"In recent years, public schools have become radical left wing indoctrination centers," he concluded. "Our only hope is for parents to either home school or place their kids in private schools. The fate of our nation may very well hang in the balance."

Watch the video below from Fox News.