Tennessee legislator thinks there should be a "men's economic council"
Sure, most important economic leaders are men. But it could be even more!

Ah, what is it with Republicans thinking that 7th-grade level attempts at "gotcha" are some kind of genius politicking?

During a hearing on the bill in the state Senate Government Operations Committee on Wednesday, Republican committee chair state Sen. Mike Bell (pictured above) asked the Economic Council on Women's executive director, Phyllis Qualls-Brooks, why there was not an economic council for men as well.

"Other than generating reports, what benefit does the state have by having this council?" he asked, according to the Huffington Post. "My second question is, with women making up 51 percent of the population of the state, why don’t we have a men’s economic council, why don’t we have a Hispanic economic council, why don’t we have an African-American economic council, why don’t we have this group and that group? Why do we have a women’s economic council, and why is it needed?"

My answer would be that they could use a Hispanic economic council or an African-American economic council. Add those instead of subtract the women's council!

But kind of hilarious that he tries to insinuate that women have some unfair advantage because there's slight more of them. As if there's never been any system where a minority of people benefit by oppressing the majority. Oh wait, that's been the basis of every class-based political system of all time.

I'd like to see them try to create this men's economic council, by the way. There's so many topics to cover! For instance, did you know that the average man only makes 130% of what the average woman makes? Why not make it 150%? Or 200%? Don't hold back men! Why not demand three times the amount of money that women make?

Or did you know that men named John outnumber women of all names in the ranks of CEOs? True fact. There are also more Roberts, Williams and Jameses than there are women. But what about Steves? Or Marks? They should not rest until there are at least 10 male names that outnumber all women in leadership at major corporations.

Think of all the ways that men could be doing even better and accumulating even more wealth than women! This is only the tip of the iceberg. So yeah, maybe Tennessee will be creating that men's economic council. I wouldn't be surprised, now that they've killed of the women's economic council.