Thousands rally in Indianapolis to protest new anti-gay law: 'No hate in our state'
Indianapolis rally - Photo Eric Cox @EricRTV6 on Twitter

Thousands marched on the Indiana Statehouse Saturday, voicing their displeasure with Gov. Mike Pence (R) and the Indiana State Legislature over the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act signed into law on Thursday, reports RTV6.

Chanting "No hate in our state," "Who's State? Our State!" and "Fix the bill," the crowd, estimated at over 3,000, marched from Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis and moved on to the Statehouse.

According to Abdul-Hakim Shabazz, a local attorney and TV commentator who attended the rally, "I haven't seen a crowd this mad and motivated since the property tax crisis of 2007."

The bill has drawn the ire of Indiana-based businesses and religious leaders, some of whom attended the rally against the law that would allow companies to deny services to gay people.

Indianapolis City-County Council Vice President John Barth worried that law would push people away from the state, and has made plans to bring a resolution proposal to the Council on Monday, stating the city’s disapproval with RFRA.

"Unfortunately we don't have the ability to take any action that's legally binding over at the General Assembly, but essentially, what we're doing is saying we're concerned about SB 101. We think it sends a negative impression about Indianapolis. Indianapolis is a welcoming, diverse community," Barth said.

Rally organizers state that they plan to flood Council chambers on Monday to push the council members into making a strong statement against the law which legalizes discrimination.

Watch the video below from The Indy Channel: