WATCH: Bellowing pastor warns that gays, Muslims, and liberals will establish a ’secular humanist caliphate'
Pastor Ken Graves (Facebook)

A right-wing pastor from Maine warned a gathering of conservative activists and likely Republican presidential candidates that gays, Muslims, and liberals were thus far successful in their campaign to take control of the world.

Ken Graves, pastor of Calvary Chapel Bangor, told participants at the annual Awakening conference that they must be honest with themselves and admit their defeats in an ongoing spiritual war, reported Right Wing Watch.

“We find ourselves -- in all honesty, when we’re being honest, we are conscious that militant homofascism seeks to take over our land and make it Sodom,” Graves bellowed.

“We are also conscious that militant Islam truthfully wants to establish a worldwide caliphate,” he continued. “They want to destroy everything that we have, and complicit with them is the secularist -- it is the secular humanist fundamentalist extremists. They want to make this their sort of secular humanist caliphate.”

Graves said it was only natural that Christian conservatives should feel intimidated by such an existential threat.

“They have every major institution, that they have, in fact, taken control of entertainment, they have taken control of education, they’ve had massive gains in recent decades,” he said. “This we must acknowledge.”

But he told the gathering of activists and politicians, sponsored by the Liberty Counsel, that they had a secret weapon, pulling a Bible from his pocket.

“Why should we be intimidated if what has been placed in our hands is the very word of God?” Graves said. “It is in fact a sharp double-edged sword. It is the word of almighty God.”

Watch video from the event posted online by RWW Blog: