WATCH LIVE: Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson expected to announce his resignation
Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson shown on CNN in October 2014.

Ferguson, Missouri Police Chief Tom Jackson is expected to announce his resignation on Wednesday evening in a press conference.

Reuter reported earlier in the day that Jackson was not "forced out" of his position, in spite of several calls for his resignation last year following the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown at the hands of one of his officers, Darren Wilson. Wilson was never indicted in connection with the shooting.

Jackson's departure is the latest among city officials in the wake of a Justice Department report that accused police of targeting Ferguson's black residents for traffic stops and citations in order to boost the city's coffers.

City Manager John Shaw, who hired Jackson, resigned on Tuesday while denying any wrongdoing.

Judge Ronald J. Brockmeyer also left his position, after it was discovered that he owed $170,000 in back taxes while imposing heavy traffic cines on residents.

Watch the press conference, as streamed live by KTVI-TV, below.