Watch the first 4 minutes of Conan O'Brien's special episode shot in Cuba
Conan O'Brien opens his special episode from Cuba on March 4, 2015. [TBS]

Late-night host Conan O'Brien released the opening of a special episode filmed in Cuba, including his initial encounters with Havana locals.

"Hola, bienvenidos a Cuba. You soy Conan O'Brien y lo siento, pero that's all the Spanish I can really memorize," he tells the audience after taking a seat -- complete with mic -- on a city street.

O'Brien explains that the recent diplomatic progress between Cuba and the U.S. opened up an opportunity to visit the country and meet the people, including one local he quickly drafts into substituting as Andy Richter's substitute.

"Can I call you Cuban Andy?" he asks the man.

"Yeah, why not?" the man replies.

"You now what? You're more agreeable than the real Andy," O'Brien tells him.

After going over the country's history as the "Las Vegas of the Caribbean" before being overtaken by Fidel Castro's regime, O'Brien takes an awkward walk through a residential area, attracting attention to himself.

"Old women love me here, dogs hate me," he says.

The episode will air in full on TBS on Wednesday night. The first four minutes, as posted online, can be seen below.