Watch this hilarious mock tourist pitch for Indiana: ‘It’s a great place to be a bigot’
"It's a great place to be a bigot" - screencap - Internet Action Force

The hits just keep on coming for the state of Indiana.

Since the signing of the so-called the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law on Thursday, one of the top trending topics on Twitter is #BoycottIndiana.

With Gov. Mike Pence (R) taking a beating on Twitter, and businesses reviewing their plans in the state, little beyond next week's Final Four in Indianapolis is going right for the Hoosier State.

With that in mind, the good folks at the Internet Action Force have stepped up and pitched in, creating a tourist pitch selling Indiana as " It's a great place to be a bigot."

Watch the video below, created by the Internet Action Force and uploaded to YouTube: