Young Turks' Cenk Uygur destroys the 'defense industry whores' pushing for war with Iran

In a new video from The Young Turks, host Cenk Uygur lit into "defense industry whores" who will do anything they can to force the United States into a military engagement with Iran.

Uygur began by berating former Democratic senator Evan Byah for collaborating with a group that produced "one of the worst fear-mongering ads that I've ever seen."

"It's about our negotiations with Iran -- and the point of those negotiations is that they don't get nukes, and they can verify, absolutely positively, that they will not have nukes," he continued. "This ad, of course, lies and says the exact opposite -- that if we strike a peace deal with them and can verify that they don't have nukes, they will get nukes."

The video -- entitled "Special Delivery" -- was produced by the American Security Initiative and was intended to be played during the Sunday morning political talk shows. However, ABC, NBC, and CBS declined to play, leaving Fox News as the only network to air the video.

"I can guarantee you that this video," which depicts a nuclear weapon in a van exploding in an American city, "was funded by defense contractors who actually do want a war [with Iran] so they can get richer."

"They're not interested in our security," he said, "they want the exact opposite -- the less security we feel, the more we pour into defense contractors. Evan Bayh worked for those guys -- as did Saxby Chambliss and Norm Coleman -- they were their top bitches when they were in the Senate."

"They were whores for these guys when they were in the Senate," Uygur explained, "and they're whores for them now that they're out of the Senate."

Watch the entire clip via The Young Turks on YouTube below.