Bill Maher: If you're on a safari to kill elephants and the elephant kills you instead... 'good'
Bill Maher - (HBO's Real Time screenshot)

On this week's edition of HBO's Real Time, host Bill Maher was all about death during his New Rules segment, expressing happiness that a big game hunter was killed by the very elephant he was stalking, to a Republican named Upright who is still campaigning against Hillary Clinton from beyond the grave.

Maher began by mocking constant target Sarah Palin for her new PAC logo -- featuring the Big Dipper over her head -- saying stars circling over your head isn't a sign that you're looking to the future, "it just means you've walked into a stop sign."

He then turned to professional big game hunter Ian Gibson who was trampled to death last week by an elephant he hoped to bag as a trophy.

"If you make your living stalking and killing innocent animals, as professional game hunter Ian Gibson did, " Maher said. "And you're leading a safari to kill elephants, as Ian Gibson was, and during that safari an elephant tramples you to death... good."

Maher made note of the late "staunch Republican" Larry Upright ("Yes, Larry Upright") whose family wrote in his obituary "The family respectfully requests that you do not vote for Hillary Clinton."

Saying the family honored Upright with " a moment of Fox News on mute," Maher added, "You know what, Larry? If you think it's funny to campaign against Hillary Clinton in your obituary, I think it's funny that your name is 'Upright' and you're dead."

Watch the clip below uploaded to YouTube by HBO: