Denver school ends racist campaign encouraging black and Hispanic teens not to twerk or rap
Christina Arzate (KDVR)

A Denver high school took down posters reminding black and Latina girls not to twerk or wear too much makeup after students complained.

Educators at Martin Luther King Jr. Early College had displayed the posters, titled “101 Things Black and Latina Girls Should Know,” since the start of the school year, reported KDVR-TV.

The posters advised girls that “wearing too much makeup looks like a clown” and that “twerkin’ and grinding ain’t cute.”

The displays also asked them to “experience holding a book,” rather than reading only on electronic devices, because it would help “you to remember how far you have come as Black and Brown people.”

“There are some things that should not be said at all,” said student Christina Arzate.

Another series of posters, “101 Things Every Young Man of Color Should Know,” reminded boys where were better ways to make money than playing professional sports or rapping.

“That’s highly offensive -- that’s pretty derogatory toward very specific groups of people,” said student Victor Corrl.

Administrators bowed to student complaints and removed the posters this week.

“Denver Public Schools seeks to ensure that the diverse cultures of our students and community are valued and respected,” the school district said in a statement. "We understand the concerns raised by those who found the poster offensive and are reviewing this situation so that we can help prevent issues like this in the future. And, we will continue our work to support responsible and effective conversations about diversity in our schools.”

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