'F*ck you motherf*ckers:' Watch Larry Wilmore light into Fox News over racist Baltimore coverage
Larry Wilmore

On Tuesday's airing of the Nightly Show, host Larry Wilmore laid into Fox News for its racist coverage of police brutality protests in Baltimore.

Conceding CNN takes an "awkward approach to handling these racial tensions," Wilmore says Fox takes "the racial approach to handle their awkward tensions."

Wilmore shows a clip of a Fox news host describing public safety operations in Baltimore. Police must find it frustrating, according to the Fox anchor "to stand here and watch these thugs go thuggin'."

"Thugs go thugging?," Wilmore comments, "What is that, the 13th day of Christmas?"

After showing footage of Fox talking looting, stealing, malt liquor, and thugs, Wilmore wonders what's next on the stereotype list. "Black superstrength?" he asks.

Here's where Wilmore shows a clip of Fox declaring that "these boulders" (referring to human beings) are down in Baltimore "hitting these cops."

Wilmore really loses it when Fox blames unrest in Baltimore on gang activity by the Bloods, Crips, and the Black Guerrilla Family.

"Between the Bloods, Crips, and Black Guerrillas... hmmm," wonders Wilmore. "Which one of these gang names do you think Fox likes to say the most?"

The Nightly Show then airs many examples of Fox anchors using the term "Black Guerrilla" to describe events in Baltimore. To which Wilmore forcefully responds: "Fuck you motherfuckers, man. Seriously. What kind of shit is that? That's rolling off your tongues a little too gleefully."

Watch Larry Wilmore take Fox News to task for the racist news coverage in Baltimore: