Authorities with the University of Oklahoma in Norman are investigating a suspected suicide involving the person who apparently forced his car through the gates of the National Weather Service, the Oklahoma Daily reported.

Fire crews were called to the campus on Thursday afternoon after the vehicle was spotted burning in a parking lot on the facility. What is currently believed to be a man's body was recovered from the car after the fire was extinguished.

Students said the car was already on fire by the time they saw it following the crash. No other injuries were reported. No structures besides the fence were damaged in the incident.

Pictures of the burning car quickly spread online, as seen below:

According to The Vane, the vehicle came to a stop near what appear to be several NWS vehicles, including a set of flatbed trucks that have Doppler weather radars attached to them.

The facility, which is part of the university's campus, not only contains classrooms, but offices for several organizations studying climate-related data.