Jon Stewart hammers 'narc' Chris Christie for online gambling push while ripping legal marijuana
Jon Stewart hosts 'The Daily Show' on April 20, 2015. [YouTube]

Even on a stoner's holiday like April 20, Jon Stewart observed on Monday's Daily Show, somebody has to play the "narc" -- in this case, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.

While Christie has talked tough against legalized marijuana -- even in states where it's already legal -- the possible GOP presidential candidate has lobbied hard for the legalization of online gambling in his state.

"There is a difference, to be fair," Stewart said. "You smoke too much pot, no one comes to break your f*cking kidneys."

Stewart was also disappointed with CNN's latest special report on marijuana, which focused on not only the increasing political shift toward legalizing it, but the economic benefits in Colorado and Washington state.

"This pot story isn't fun at all," he griped. "It's all about disease and taxes. What about free love, hotboxing and free love hotboxing?"

And after donning a wig he said made him look like "a rainbow-haired Larry Fine from the Three Stooges," Stewart also caught grief from correspondent Jessica Williams when he tried being festive in honor of "4/20."

"You're making everyone look bad. Pot isn't just for shirtless old dudes with bongos," Williams said. "It's a non-addictive proven effective medical treatment that is now raising much-needed tax revenue for schools, libraries and roads."

Stewart also announced that he would host the show for the final time on Aug. 6 and established a drawing where viewers could win chances to be flown into New York City for his final taping by making a donation benefitting a local autism advocacy group.

Watch Stewart's commentary, as posted online on Monday, below.