LISTEN: Irate reader harangues 'f*cking baby' news editor in hilarious 'their' versus 'thier' headline debate
Suffolk Times editor Michael White - posted to SoundCloud

In a conversation recorded by Suffolk Times editor Mike White, an irate reader harangues the editor and his staff over the spelling of the word "their" on the front page of the newspaper, insisting it is spelled "thier," before calling him a "f*cking baby" for not admitting his mistake.

As pointed out at Romenesko, the Times correctly spelled the word in the headline: "Their place at the table."

With her voice on the speakerphone, the unidentified reader quizzed White on the spelling of  "their," asking "you think that is the correct spelling of that word?"

After the woman explains it should "i-e-r", she adds, "Well, you tell me how you guys came up with it, because I can’t find it in any dictionary, and I went to college, and I was taught it was t-h-i-e-r. Google it and let me know... I can hold."

After White patiently explains that he is "kind of busy," the conversation proceeds to go downhill with the woman accusing him of "unprofessionalism," before saying it "looks f*cking lousy on the front page of your paper to have a common word spelled incorrectly."

After quizzing White on where he went to college - he admits he went to Columbia -- she asks him if he graduated, before calling him a "f*cking baby" when he points out the conversation is going nowhere and he has other things to do.

Listen to the audio below uploaded to SoundCloud by Mike White: