The North Carolina man who gunned down his former boss for being gay said from behind bars that he has no remorse and that he hates LGBT people "with a passion."

In a chilling interview with WRAL Channel 5, Kenneth Morgan Stancil III confessed to killing his former boss, 44-year-old Ron Lane, and said that in his mind the killing was justified because Lane had made advances toward himself and Stancil's 16-year-old brother.

Stancil -- whose face and body are covered with elaborate white supremacist tattoos -- said that Lane never touched him or his brother, but that he killed him to keep that from happening.

"He ain't physically touch him but he was in the proposal to try to," Stancil said. "You know, and I wasn't gonna let that happen."

"The man's a child-molester, man, he preys on kids, and one of the kids he was trying to mess with was my 16-year-old brother," claimed the gunman after his arrest.

When asked if he hates LGBT people, Stancil replied, "Yes, I do -- with a passion."

Stancil's mother said after the killing that Lane had never molested any of her children, nor is there any record of Lane acting inappropriately toward underage men in the past.

Debbie Stancil said that her 20-year-old son needs treatment for mental health issues.

Lane was Kenneth Stancil's supervisor at Greensboro, North Carolina's Wayne Community College. Stancil shot his boss to death on Apr. 13 after Lane fired him for excessive work absences.

Stancil -- whose facial tattoo reads "88," code among white Neo-Nazis for "Heil Hitler" -- fled the state, but was apprehended in Florida when police officers found him sleeping on the beach in Daytona.

The killer told WRAL that in addition to hating gays, he does not believe that white people should mix with other races.

"I try to look out for my fellow white people as much as possible, you understand? And, I don't believe in race mixing," he said.

[Hat-tip to Gay Star News]