Pat Robertson fears President Hillary Clinton will take US 'back to the '50s'
Pat Robertson (YouTube)

Pat Robertson complained somewhat inexplicably that Hillary Clinton would move the U.S. “back to the ‘50s” if she were elected president.

The religious broadcaster, who is known for his retrograde views on civil rights and social issues, opened “The 700 Club” on Monday with a rambling “Back to the Future” metaphor, reported Right Wing Watch.

“’Back to the Future’ or back to the past, as the case may be,” Robertson said. “Are we going back to the '50s, is that where we want to be? Or in the '70s? Well, it looks like one of the candidates wants to take us back to the future."

Robertson said no one was surprised that the “gaffe-prone” Clinton was running for the office once held by her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

“She said she’s ready, regardless of what the polls say,” said Robertson, who apparently is unaware of recent polls in most states showing Clinton ahead of announced and rumored Republican candidates.

“She’s got a lot of money built up, and a powerful machine to take her ‘Back to the Future,’” he said, laughing.

Watch Robertson's remarks in this video posted online by RWW Blog: