Ron Paul steers paranoid gun lovers to militia groups in right-wing propaganda flick
Ron Paul (YouTube)

Ron Paul and other right-wing figures will appear in a new anti-Semitic film encouraging viewers to join the Oath Keepers gun group to stop the threat of martial law.

Paul, the former Republican congressman and presidential candidate, will star in “Midnight Ride,” directed by 9/11 truther James Jaeger, reported Right Wing Watch.

Jaeger is a longtime supporter of Paul – the father of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), a GOP presidential candidate – and has written extensively about his belief that Israeli and U.S. intelligence conspired to bring down the World Trade Center.

Paul has previously appeared in other films by Jaeger, including “Fiat Empire,” “Original Intent,” “Spoiler,” and “Molon Labe.”

Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes and top supporter Elias Alias will appear in the film alongside Paul, gun lobbyist Larry Pratt, extremist former sheriff Richard Mack, and apocalyptic preacher Chuck Baldwin.

The movie ties recent cases of police brutality to a “globalist” plot to impose martial law on Americans – and suggests the only solution to preserve civil liberties is to join armed militia groups.

The film -- which is based on the book “Tyranny Out of Necessity,” by Edwin Vieira Jr. – also warns that U.S. monetary policy will trigger a worldwide economic collapse that will lead to the eventual enslavement of millions.

“The power elite is getting ready for a war – not a war on drugs or even a war on terror, but a war to protect themselves,” the narrator says. “Yes, they are the ones in terror – in terror because of their own deeds.”

Alias praised the film as a “very classy showcase” for the Oath Keepers and their ideals – including the “Ten Orders We Will Not Obey,” a list of dark fantasies about martial law, forced disarmament, and concentration camps.

The Oath Keepers, who helped fund the film, claim their membership is made up largely of former and active-duty law enforcement and military personnel who vow not to obey or enforce any laws they deem to be unconstitutional.

They have taken part in armed demonstrations at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada and the Sugar Pine Mining Claim in Oregon, as well as armed patrols in Ferguson, Missouri.

Jaeger’s eponymous research institute serves as a clearinghouse for anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, blaming Jews for the Holocaust and accusing them of child murders.

Watch a trailer for "Midnight Ride" posted online by OriginalIntentDoc: