The Orange Couch Does Mad Men, S7E10: "Forecast"

It's funny watching critics squirm in the final days of Mad Men, fearing that the show is going to reject the convention of "resolution" and instead just...stop telling the story. Because of this, Sunday's episode was greeted with enthusiasm, because it appeared to resolve a couple of long-standing arcs on the show,  the weird Betty/Glenn thing in particular. Also, Joan seems to have wrapped up with the implication that she's finally met the man who will love her and her family as-is.

But I'm withholding judgment. While Betty did, for instance, reject Glenn's advances and send him off while playing the part of the maternal figure, she also kept teasing him. Sally and Don parted on bad terms, and I don't know that the show will ever come back around to their relationship. But even the Joan storyline, which seems so pat, isn't . The roses-and-apology thing could be Mad Men subverting expectations. Richard is still the guy who blew up at Joan because she wouldn't be his fantasy lady and, in light of that, his apology may be less than sincere and more about trying to regain control.

What did you guys think of this episode?