UN chief warns of growing links between organized crime and violent extremism

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned on Sunday of the growing links between organised crime and extremist violence, saying they are feeding off each other "like never before".

Speaking in Doha at the opening of a UN anti-crime meeting, Ban said more needed to be done to tackle both crime and extremism, especially to stop either from becoming attractive options for young people.

"We must address the growing links between organised crime and terrorism," he said at the opening of the 13th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.

"Like never before, terrorists and criminals around the world are coming together and feeding off each other. They are funding terror through criminal networks and growing rich through the suffering of entire populations."

He added: "There will always be crime and there will always be extremists. But we must work to stop crime and extremism being seen as attractive or necessary options ?- especially by youth."

Among the issues to be discussed at the week-long conference are human trafficking, global use of the death penalty and match-fixing in sport.