Valerie Plame slams Judith Miller's 'pathetic and self-serving' mea culpa: Don't flatter yourself
Valerie Plame (Facebook)

Valerie Plame, who was outed as a CIA agent by members of the Bush administration, fired back at a journalist whose work helped push the U.S. into war with Iraq.

Former New York Times reporter and current Fox News contributor Judith Miller published an essay last week in the Wall Street Journal claiming responsibility for her eventually discredited reporting on Iraqi’s alleged weapons of mass destruction.

Plame suggested in a Facebook post that Miller was flattering herself.

“Dear Judy,” she posted Monday night. “No one is crediting you with starting the Iraq war. We know you were not actually on the team that took us into the biggest, most tragic U.S. foreign policy debacle ever. You were just cheering from the sidelines. Your attempt to re-write history is both pathetic and self-serving.”

Miller’s op-ed suggests that the Bush administration did not deliberately try to mislead the American public into supporting its plan to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

“No senior official spoon-fed me a line about WMD,” said Miller, who claims she never met George W. Bush or spoke to Dick Cheney about Iraq until 2012. “That would have been so much easier than uncovering classified information that officials can be jailed for disclosing.”

Miller herself was jailed for contempt of court for refusing to identify Scooter Libby, the chief of staff for Vice President Cheney, as her source of information about Plame’s covert intelligence work.