Watch Baptist pastors go totally bonkers: 'God breathed all over us'
Middle Tennessee Baptist Church (YouTube)

Baptist pastors ranted, whooped, and stormed across the pulpit before a cheering crowd last week at a teen camp meeting.

The event took place April 11 at Middle Tennessee Baptist Church, where the fired-up pastors bellowed gibberish and ran into the crowd, where they slapped hands with the congregation.

Others chanted like auctioneers, danced jigs, or strutted around in exaggerated fashion, swinging their jackets over their heads.

“It can't get any better than this,” the church said on its Facebook page. “This is one of the best meetings we've had so far! God breathed all over us during this time. We hope you enjoy this powerful video clip.”

Watch the entire video clip posted online by middletnbaptist: