WATCH: James Van Der Beek and Anna Camp skewer Indiana's 'religious freedom' law in home shopping spoof
James Van Der Beek and Anna Camp in 'Indiana Home Shopping' [Funny or Die]

"Religious freedom" and capitalism collide in a new Funny or Die video with James Van Der Beek and Anna Camp playing two home shopping hosts trying to navigate their faith and their customers.

"Here in Indiana, we have a religious freedom law," Van Der Beek explains. "Which means we don't have to serve anyone who threatens our religion."

"I mean, can you imagine a world in which a gay couple asks you to make a cake, and then you actually have to sit down and make it?" Camp asks him incredulously.

"What's next -- I'll leave my wife Cindy and then go shack up with Don in a post-modern house in Palm Springs?" Van Der Beek counters.

The duo's attempts to sell porcelain plates, football phones, and "retro Bible reading glasses" constantly fall short, as they find themselves having to quiz their callers on their sexuality.

"All these liberals," Camp huffs. "Are we in Utah or something?"

When one caller admits that he went to a "gay conversion camp," however, Van Der Beek offers his support -- sort of.

"Good on ya, Al," he says. "I mean, those work. They really work."

The video, courtesy of Funny or Die, can be seen below.