Watch this 'redneck' destroy white supremacy: 'If you hear something racist, f*cking stand up'
Dixon White (YouTube)

A self-described redneck and former racist says it’s time white Americans owned up to their racism in a viral video.

“White people are racist – not all of them, but white culture is (and) our white country is,” says Dixon White from the cab of his Ford F-150.

“Our nation is, our American culture is full of white supremacy,” he continues. “We live in a white supremacist culture that caters to white people in everything, from the media to education to art to culture to politics – (it’s) whitewashed.”

The video has garnered more than 700,000 views since Dixon posted it last week.

“This country was built for white people, and it’s time us Americans, as white Americans, came to terms with that and realize we benefit from that,” he says. “We created slavery, we created a culture, a system, of white supremacy that has benefited us for 400 years. Think maybe it’s time we stopped being lazy as white people and take some f*cking responsibility.”

Dixon repeatedly urges white people to stop being defensive about racism and recognize what it is and how they benefit from it.

“We’ve got an evil called white supremacy in this damn culture,” Dixon says. “Stop being defensive. Get off your f*cking ass and do something about it. Speak up – don’t ever ignore racism. If you hear something racist, f*cking stand up as a white American – take some f*cking responsibility.”

“It’s the inaction that has always destroyed other peoples and other nations,” he continues. “It’s the inaction, it’s the indifference. It’s that damn ‘Well, it’ll take care of itself’ attitude.”

Dixon grows particularly agitated when he describes how some white Americans say they don’t see color.

“By God, you better f*cking see color,” he bellows. “If you don’t see color, how the f*ck (are) you going to help it? How (are) you going to fix it? Our system sees color, our culture sees color. We’re indoctrinated to see color. Don’t tell me you can’t f*cking see color.”

He urges white people to consider the experiences faced by people of color and become more empathetic.

“Think beyond your own experience, think beyond your own self,” Dixon says. “Imagine the privileges you have just because (of) your f*cking skin. I ain’t saying you ain’t suffered – we all suffer. Stop being defensive. What I’m saying is, we get certain privileges. We’re not harassed by the police, okay? We’re not denied a house loan or denied to live in a neighborhood.”

He ends the video by calling for more action against racism.

“Let’s vote, let’s create legislation and policies to fight against this sh*t,” Dixon says. “Let’s make things fair and equal. Let’s some responsibility and never ever ever ignore any form of racism that you see or experience or witness. Always speak up and act up.”

Watch White's comments in this YouTube video: