Allen West throws tantrum at Pope: He's full of 'disdain and anti-Semitism' for recognizing Palestine
Allen West speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Former Republican Congressman Allen West on Thursday suggested that Pope Francis was guilty of "disdain and anti-Semitism" after the Vatican announced plans to recognize the "state of Palestine."

"This is horrific," West told Newsmax host Steve Malzberg on Thursday. "At a time when Islamic terrorists are slaughtering Christians -- Catholics -- all over the Middle East, for the Pontiff to recognize a terrorists organization -- which is really, either Hamas or Fatah, they're both terrorists organizations, it's just the degree of the actions that they're taking."

"This is unconscionable that he is doing that," the former Republican congressman insisted. "And it just goes to show the level of propaganda success that the Palestinians have, and the level of disdain and anti-Semitism that there is out there."

"And it is even coming from the Vatican."

Watch the video below from Newsmax, broadcast May 14, 2015.