Amy Schumer skewers anti-vaxxer parents: 'I got my dog a cat' because Jenny McCarthy said so
Comedian Amy Schumer in the March 19 episode of 'Inside Amy Schumer.' [Comedy Central]

Comedy Central's Amy Schumer took on well-meaning but ultimately clueless parents on Tuesday, using a doggie "daycare center" as the setting.

"I didn't get him vaccinated, because Jenny McCarthy said it can cause pawtism," one woman tells Schumer.

"I followed her advice, too," Schumer says. "I got my dog a cat, because pets make you live longer."

Schumer trades stories with four other women dropping their "fur babies" off for the day, including Saturday Night Live alum Rachel Dratch, who relates the story of rescuing "Mrs. Belvedere" from Hurricane Katrina.

"She was up on the roof with this little boy whose parents had drowned," Dratch says. "And I just thought, 'That little orphan boy can't take care of a dog.' So I choppered in and rescued her right off that roof."

"What happened to the boy?" Schumer asks.

"What boy?" Dratch responds.

Watch "Doggie Daycare," as posted by Comedy Central on Tuesday, below.