Elizabeth Warren praises Bernie Sanders: His 'vision for America' is 'important for people to hear'
Elizabeth Warren at a campaign rally in Auburn, Massachusetts (Tim Pierce/Flickr)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) may not be running for president herself, but that didn't stop her from praising Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) at a recent event.

While participating in a roundtable discussion at Middlesex Community College on Friday, Warren was asked about Sanders' presidential campaign.

“I’m glad to see him get out there and give his version of what leadership in this country should be,” Warren told the group, according to the Boston Herald. “I think that Bernie Sanders is going to play out a vision for America and that it is important for people to hear what he has to say.”

Progressive Democrats have pushed for Warren to make a bid for the White House, but she sees eye-to-eye with Sanders on many issues. For the most part, pundits agree that Sanders and Warren would be long shots for winning the nomination, but they could push Hillary Clinton to the left on some issues.

"People trying to get a great education don't have lobbyists, but we do have our voices," Warren told the students on Friday. "We will win, we will get what we want, we will move this country in a better direction only if we get involved."

Watch this video of Sanders explaining on Wednesday why Wall Street banks should be broken up.