End Times broadcaster: God will send a 'fireball from space' to destroy Earth if gay marriage is legalized
Flaming fireball headed for Earth. Look out! - (Shutterstock)

With the Supreme Court expected to rule on the legality of same-sex marriage in June, an End Times broadcaster served a chilling warning that legalization of gay marriage may prompt God to send a "fireball from space" in retaliation.

According to Right Wing Watch, Rick Wiles had very bad news for Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel on his “Trunews” program yesterday, saying "If the Supreme Court dares to defy Almighty God one more time, I’m telling you it will be the last time.”

“I believe I am speaking under the unction of the Holy Spirit,” Wiles explained in a perfectly reasonable tone. “I’m telling you there will be swift, sudden and devastating consequences for the United States of America. America will be brought to its knees, there will be pain and suffering at a level we’ve never seen in this country."

"The word that I hear in my spirit is ‘fire.’ I do not know if it refers to riots or looting or war on American soil or a fireball from space. I simply know that a sweeping, consuming fire will come across the United States of America and this country will be charred and burned.”

Wiles added that gay marriage will likely be the final straw with God who is also displeased with the entire world where “everywhere communism takes control, they go after the churches and they kill the pastors and they demolish the church buildings and they reeducate the church children. That’s what’s coming to America. It’s already started.”

Listen to the audio below, captured by Right Wing Watch: